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Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious”?


Churches Now in Decline in America*


Unaffiliated with any religion, and say they are "Spiritual But Not Religious"**

You Are Not Alone!

Today, for a number of reasons, more and more people are leaving the religious traditions and establishments they’ve always known. In the most recent surveys**, quite a few essentially say they’re done with church, but not with God. They tell us that the traditional religious beliefs they’ve always turned to for clarity, direction and hope are just not providing those things anymore – or at least not as well.

Many self-described “Spiritual But Not Religious” people yearn for a less judging, more accepting spiritual experience – something they can carry with them and use in a practical way in their busy, 21st century lives. They want to connect with something greater than they are, but without having to disown their respect for intelligence, science and rationality.

It is for these people that Blackbirds Rising was created. We are a community of like-minded Spiritual But Not Religious explorers who are walking a simple, proven path that integrates spiritual living with modern living.

To be sure, there are many facets to what people consider “Spiritual But Not Religious”, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to experiencing the divine in our lives. But there do seem to be some common perspectives on what modern spirituality might look like. To keep it simple, we have narrowed our shared perspectives down to seven.

If this calls to you, please take a few moments and expand the toggle box below. See if these seven perspectives make sense to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We do hope you will find here a welcoming community and a fulfilling spiritual experience.

The Seven Perspectives of the Spiritual But Not Religious


There is one all-powerful consciousness in the universe. It is all that exists, it is only good, we are all one with it and so we are one with each other. Many call this consciousness “God”, but there are numerous other names, all of which are equally valid. We will simply call it “Spirit” or “the divine”, but call it whatever works best for you.


The divine is personal to us, forever. Since it is everywhere, all the time, it is within us, at all times. It is not a distant being, up in the sky somewhere, judging, condemning or punishing us, and no person, priest, guru or savior is necessary for us to interact with it, although enlightened spiritual teachers may be very helpful. We can never be separated from the divine, no matter how things may seem, even in the experience of physical death. We share eternal life with it. We always have, and always will.


The fundamental quality of the divine is LOVE. It is the reason everything exists.


There is no one “right way” to experience spiritual living. All spiritual paths, practices, beliefs and behaviors entered into with a sincere heart, that do not harm anyone are valid and deserving of respect.


All perceived incompatibilities between science and spirituality are unfounded. There is no heaven or hell except that which we create for ourselves. There is no devil, sin or evil, except that which we ourselves permit to fester within our own hearts and minds. Just as with the laws of physics, everything in the universe is subject to automatic, impersonal spiritual laws, which are driven by consciousness. Ignorance or denial of these laws is the root cause of hostility and violence, which are unnecessary. Alternatively, awareness, acceptance and understanding of them provide us with a proven path leading to reduced suffering and happier, more fulfilled lives.


Judging others is pointless and counterproductive because we are all one. What we judge in others really comes from inside ourselves. This is one of the most consequential of spiritual laws, and when we ignore it, we pay a very high price.


Spiritual laws are always operating, and they can be intentionally directed. Their effects in our individual lives are the result of our own thoughts, feelings and expectations, whether we are aware of them or not. As with the laws of physics, such as those governing electricity or gravity, spiritual laws will either show up in our lives as helpful or unhelpful, depending entirely on our knowledge – or ignorance – of how they can be used. Intentional direction of spiritual laws includes the healing of the sick and the management of conditions in our lives. This is what prayer is.

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Join your own personal community of courageous spiritual adventurers as you navigate life’s sacred journey. Embrace challenges, celebrate successes, and lean into loving support the entire way. The power of divine synergy – every day, in every way, at every turn.

I am so appreciative of my Spiritual Living Group! I always feel so connected, loved and supported. I know my group-mates always have my back – they’re always there for me. Even if there’s a storm or if I’m sick, I can call or video conference in and still feel completely connected! I haven’t always found it easy to ask for help, so it’s so refreshing to be accepted and supported without feeling judged. I can’t imagine my life without my wonderful Spiritual Living Group friends!


I had always heard about the growth that takes place with people in small “spiritual support” groups, but I had no idea just how impactful my own experience would be. I was a little skeptical (because I’m really quite the introvert), but now I can’t imagine my life without my totally safe group friends. I’m not this close with my own family!  It’s way more than a support group – it’s really more of a life navigation group. And the teaching from the Blackbirds Rising leaders – just awesome!


I want to give a shout out to Shaun Furlong and his amazing workshops. I have taken several, and I’m rapidly becoming a regular. Not only do I learn things I never see taught anywhere else, but the depth of my understanding and my ability to apply it in my everyday life is truly exceptional. So interesting – the time just flies by! Can’t wait for the next one.


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