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Living The Literature of Spiritual Growth


The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

Meets the Following Thursdays in May:

May 5, 12, 19 & 26

One Hour – 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

If you cannot make the first meeting on May 5, you are welcome to start a week later on May 12. You do not need to have the book for the first meeting.

Brené Brown’s game-changing New York Times bestseller, The Gifts of Imperfection, has sold more than 2 million copies in more than 30 different languages and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in print. Forbes magazine named Giftsone of the “Five Books That Will Actually Change Your Outlook On Life.” Through this self-help classic we find courage to overcome paralyzing fear and self-consciousness, strengthening our connection to the world and helping us to believe we are worthy of self-discovery, personal growth, and boundless love.

A motivational and inspiring guide to wholehearted living, rather than just the average self-help book, with this groundbreaking work Brené Brown, Ph.D., bolsters the self-esteem and personal development process through her characteristic heartfelt, honest storytelling. With original research and plenty of encouragement, she explores the psychology of releasing our definitions of an “imperfect” life and embracing living authentically. Brown’s “ten guideposts” are benchmarks for authenticity that can help anyone establish a practice for a life of honest beauty—a perfectly imperfect life.

Now more than ever, we all need to cultivate feelings of self-worth, as well as acceptance and love for ourselves. In a world where insults, criticisms, and fears are spread too generously alongside messages of unrealistic beauty, attainment, and expectation, we look for ways to “dig deep” and find truth and gratitude in our lives. A new way forward means we can’t hold on too tightly to our own self-defeating thoughts or the displaced pain in our world. Instead, we can embrace the imperfection.

Michael A. Singer

About The Author

Brené Brown is a professor, best-selling author, public speaker, and podcaster, and she has a fresh approach to popular discussions. There are so many books centered around the ideas and ideals of love, belonging, and worthiness.

Brown’s approach offers a unique insight because it’s based on her research around shame. Although Brown is a researcher, she describes herself as a “story catcher.” In this way, she’s managed to explore many people’s concerns and ideas regarding shame and vulnerability. She suggests some shifts that we need to make, to engage in life from a place of worthiness. In other words, to live wholeheartedly.

Facilitated by Rev Lisa Williams

Rev Lisa Williams


You buy the book – we provide the free book club connection via Zoom

You provide a receptive mind – we provide a forum for exploration

During the week, we read a selected portion of the book by ourselves
Each scheduled Thursday, at the end of the day, we join a simple online video meeting, enjoy a facilitated discussion of the reading and the results we’re getting from the practical spiritual suggestions in the book

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